Track Dynamics OBD

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Track Dynamics OBD

Perfect for tracking passenger or light commercial vehicles that usually travel within mobile coverage areas.

This product comes standard with 1 x OBD splitter cable and 1 x GPS monitoring sticker. 


Track your vehicles with our OBD Plug & Play device. Simply plug the unit into the OBD port of your vehicle and activate it using our live portal. You’ll then be able to see all of your vehicle’s data in real time including:
· Altitude / Latitude / longitude and Vehicle Speed including Sign-posted speed limit
· Full Street address, suburb, state & postcode and Direction heading plus Number of satellites connected (signal strength)
Because the OBD unit can be connected to the vehicle’s computer, you’re also able to see: Fuel level, VIN, Fuel usage (litres per 100km), RPM, Odometer, Battery voltage, Diagnostic trouble codes/Check engine lights and Ignition status


· Operates on Telstra’s NextG Network, · Comes standard with a concealment pack & anti-tamper alerts, · Easily re-installed into other vehicles when required

The OBD unit comes pre-configured with the following settings:
· Vehicle position updates every 30 seconds, · Change of direction every 20o, · Alert on vehicle engine exceeding 4000 rpm, · Stores up to 30 hours of movement when outside of mobile coverage which is then uploaded to the data centre once coverage is re-established plus · Access to Fleetdynamics online portal


You can easily install the Trackdynamics OBD unit yourself via the vehicle's OBD port. An installation guide will be provided with purchase.

Live Tracking Portal:

The Fleetdynamics portal offers a wide range of reporting features and exception alerts to suit your requirements.
· Keep your car secure with movement alerts direct to your phone
· Easily see where vehicles are, where they’ve been and how they got there.
· Set up geofencing areas for sales and service vehicles with specific geographical areas.
· Manage logbooks and timesheet reporting.
· Focus on driver safety with notifications for speeding or harsh driving occurrences.
· Monitor after hours movement or unauthorised use with time-restricted alerts


Fleetdynamics’ lifetime warranty on this hardware is subject to the conditions that the device was not tampered with, damaged by water or poor installation.